Mohs Micrographic Surgery


Mohs surgery, also known as microscopically controlled surgery, is a common procedure used to treat certain skin cancers and to prevent the recurrence of that cancer. This precise method of treating skin cancers allows us to surgically remove the skin cancer and immediately examine the tissue to identify any remaining cancerous tissue.
We are committed to quality and timely treatment of your skin cancer. We strive to schedule your MOHS Microsurgery as promptly as possible. Our schedules are limited and due to this fact we require at least a 48 hour cancellation notice or if you no show the appointment you will be charged $300.

Mohs Procedure

Mohs surgery is often used when:

Mohs surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and requires a local anesthetic. In addition to having a higher success rate, Mohs is also recognized for its precision, making it the most aesthetic choice for skin cancer treatment.


Recovery time depends on the size of the skin cancer. While some wounds can heal by themselves, others may require sutures, a small skin graft or in some cases, reconstructive surgery. If any discomfort should occur following this treatment, it is usually very mild and can be treated with Tylenol. While minimal bleeding is common, you should seek immediate medical attention if you experience persistent, excessive bleeding.