Vitiligo is a skin discoloration condition, the cells that make pigment (the substance that gives skin color) are destroyed, creating patches of discolored skin. The condition can affect the skin on any part of the body. Vitiligo can also appear at any age, but usually appears before age 30. The affected areas usually get bigger over time. Vitiligo is not life-threatening or contagious.

Causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo occurs when melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) die or stop producing melanin. The affected areas become lighter than the surrounding area. The causes are not entirely known but it may be related to:

Vitiligo Treatment

Treatment varies depending on age, how much skin is affected and where, how quickly the disease is progressing, and how it’s affecting your life. When deciding on vitiligo treatment, our providers will assist by evaluating all of the options available and assembling a treatment plan based on a patient’s individual circumstances. Treatment options consists of:

If you need help managing your vitiligo, please call our offices for an appointment.