Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis, is a chronic skin condition that involves irritated and itchy patches of skin. These patches typically appear on the scalp, forehead, face, cheeks, folds of the arms, the back of the knees, and wrists. Eczema can come and go over time, and flare-ups may crack, ooze, and itch severely. Eczema is commonly associated with other conditions, such as asthma and seasonal allergies. It is also common to see Eczema run in families.

Symptoms of Eczema

Some of the more common symptoms of Eczema include:

The different types of Eczema

There are several types of Eczema. Upon consultation, our providers will be able to diagnose the specific type of Eczema and assemble a proper treatment plan for relief. Some of the most common types of Eczema are:

Factors which can make Eczema worse

There are several environmental factors that might make Eczema flare up. Knowing the specific trigger can be helpful in keeping Eczema under control. Some common Eczema triggers are:

Eczema Treatment

Treatment varies depending on the symptoms and causes. When deciding on Eczema relief, our providers will assist by evaluating all of the options available and assembling a treatment plan based on a patient’s individual circumstances. Treatment options consists of:

If you need help managing your Eczema, please call our offices for an appointment.